Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thought for the Day 12/24/2015

Christmas is almost here again. A lot of people celebrate it as the time of the birth of Christ (though it was not in December). Will this time be just another celebration of a 2000 year old event?

The birth of Jesus is not merely an old historical event. It is an every-moment happening. It occurs every time we open ourselves and welcome Jesus into ourselves. It occurs every time we recognize Jesus in the lives of others around us. It occurs every time a non-believer hears about Jesus.

Year after year we have been putting together the crib . . . angels, lambs, shepherds, etc., to celebrate the event but have been missing the most important of all . . . ourselves.

For if we are not present at the birth of Jesus, celebrating this event is empty and meaningless.So which character do we find ourselves to be at the birth of Jesus?
Do we need to change our attitude, character and mind? Who are you at the birth of Jesus?

A STAR: A bright light in a dark world, showing others where Jesus Christ is through the way you live your daily life. A reflection of the light that is Jesus Christ.

AN ANGEL: A messenger proclaiming the coming of Christ to those too busy to notice it for themselves.

SHEPHERDS: They are busy tending their flocks, their families, too busy to notice the heavenly event happening. They await a personal messenger to call them to Jesus.

SHEEP: Directionless, leaderless, busy grazing without a thought for the future, blind to the wonders of God around them.

WISE MEN: Travel long distances in search of Jesus, and finding Him place their most precious belongings as gifts before Him.

INN KEEPER: Our hearts are full, our lives too busy, we have no room for Him.

HEROD: Living lavish lives we see Jesus as a threat to the comfortable lives we lead. We are scared of the challenges He places before us.

MARY: We humbly allow Jesus to be born through us, obediently setting aside our own plans.

JOSEPH: An active and willing supporter, happy to assist at the birth of Jesus.

OXEN: Willing to share our meager accommodation with Jesus, witnesses at His birth.

DONKEY: Humbly willing to be used by those bringing about the birth of Jesus.

Whatever your role in welcoming Christ into this world, do it with a dedicated spirit. Let's put "ourselves" in the crib amidst the sheep, shepherds and lambs.Be a part of Christ. . . celebrate His birth, life, death and resurrection!!!!!!!!!!!
from Dayspring Blessings
-Luke 2:1-20